Live Funding @ WTP Store Singapore


From left to right: Hung Yi of Arc Boards, Nison of Talking Toes, Joel & Ryan of We The People & Brian of Hydra

It’s only natural to bridge the virtual to the physical when it comes to Kickstarter projects.

Having people experience the projects in real life before committing to a decision a great way to gain loyal backers.

It boils down to trust.. and how campaign creators can do their best to build it.

Over the past week, we set up a Live-Funding section in the store and invited creators with on-going kickstarter projects to participate.

These are the projects that we hosted:


We’ll be hosting more live campaigns monthly. Head on down to the We The People Store @ Orchard Central to experience them for yourself!

If you’re a campaign owner on kickstarter (or soon to be),
submit your interest for a live funding station in our store at
(this initiative is completely free of charge for campaign owners)

Touch me, Feel me… ;)


Say goodbye to receiving products from Kickstarter that don’t “function-as-advertised”. Now, you can meet the brilliant minds behind the products and get to feel the actual product before you put your money down.

WE THE PEOPLE STORE will be dedicating space in the form of “live-funding” stations for project creators with live crowdfunding campaigns on These stations will be set up in the store(s) and on event grounds as well.

This initiative is completely free of charge for project creators.

24th October – 30th October
Millenia Walk
11am-9:30pm, daily

If you have a Kickstarter project and would like to have a physical space, email at

Next up: We The People Store, KOREA!


We’re right on schedule with our store launch preparation.

WE THE PEOPLE STORE official launch date,

3rd September 2016, Saturday
Orchard Central #04-03
Time: 11am-10pm 

Vulcanpost ever so kindly made a beautiful video which you can watch here:
Kickstarter-Centric Store coming to Singapore


We’re very excited to announce that we’ve been allocated PRIME spaces in both Hyundai Departmental Stores (Seoul) and SHINSEGAE (Busan). With SHINSEGAE CENTUM CITY being the largest departmental store in the world.
Read More here: SHINSEGAE


Currently, we’re preparing for opening for these two locations in Korea and are allocating various Kickstarter products for the stores.


We The People events will be held at PRIME locations in the malls prior to launch.

This will also serve at a test to better understand which products work better in either location. We can then fine tune and maximise the potential of each and every brand/vendor with us.

As we progress, we will always be on the lookout for more opportunities for our vendors to market and sell their products. With this, we’ll be able to offer enjoyable models of sales and purchasing.

Have a Kickstarter Project that you’d want us to carry?
Shoot us an email at 

We The People Pop-up Store Event @ Orchard Central


From the 15th-21st August, we ran our first pop-up store event in Orchard Central, right in the heart of Singapore’s busiest shopping district.

Check it out!

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Ungrip – never drop your phone ever again

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Bamb-u Watches – 100% bamboo watches with a great cause. Trees will be planted with every purchase!

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BooM caps by TWO-O – Unique wooden brims on every cap. No two caps are the same

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Brick Lamp – These make for excellent bedside lighting

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Gurus sandals – A modern take on ancient indian design

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Flyte – This Levitating lightbulb will almost always be the center of attention

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Goat Story – Designed in Slovenia, these radical looking coffee mugs are a hit!

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Orange Monkie’s Foldio 2 – This foldable and very portable studio sold out on the first day of the event! Not to worry, stocks are arriving soon!

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Project Papillion – Handmade by inmates in Finland. You’ll never find another notebook like this anywhere else.

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Airbolt – A truly smart lock for your bags/luggage. GPS/Alarm/Remote unlock/lock, App support. Products will be arriving in September and are up for pre-order.

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Kisetsu – Challenging the status quo of design, these slim RFID-Protected wallets made for the minimalist.

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Peak Design’s Eveyday Messenger Bag – We’ve never seen a more thoughtfully designed camera bag in terms of function, convenience and quality. Comes with an insane amount of accessory support !

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It was a blast!

Thank you all for your support during the event. Get ready for the official launch of the We The People Store on the 3rd of September. Save the date!

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The We The People Store Team


A Funded-With-Kickstarter Product Store


Kickstarter is a brilliant platform for people just like you and i to turn our dreams into reality. In the past, one would face immense resistance in the beginning portion of a new business when it comes to money. Traditionally, one would have to seek funding from numerous sources even before launching a business. And even with funding, creators face a tough time building their brands from the ground up due to the lack of marketing testing and acceptance.

With Kickstarter, you don’t only get funding for your product, you get a whole bunch of people that approve your product, even before it has been made, thus, negating the large burden of market testing.

Products achieve some form of international recognition and trust. Crucial to all forms of business.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.06.26 pm

In recognition of this, we’re about to launch a very exciting plan for products funded with Kickstarter.

The Asian market is a behemoth. Huge, but due to language issues, many creators have issues climbing over this barrier of entry.

We aim to be the spearhead for these creators to penetrate the Asian market, beginning with Singapore and Korea.

Who are we?

sooziplogoKisetsu Logo                 X


SOOZIP is the largest designers’ association in Korea, with over 2500 of registered designers whose area of art works vary from fashion, jewelry and accessory items and even to furniture. SOOZIP works with these young entrepreneurs, nurturing them to further their success with substantial guidance and support.

soozip event 12

With 13 retail boutiques all over Korea, SOOZIP is also located at the 3 major departmental stores such as HYUNDAI, SHINSEGAE and LOTTE. They have also collaborated with large Korean organizations like Maeil Business Newspaper and NAVER for various campaigns. SOOZIP organizes 150 events per year in Korea, each lasting at least a week long.

SOOZIP expanded their operations into Singapore in 2013. Through their retail store and events, they provide endless opportunities for designers to enhance and share their brand and craftsmanship to the public. Their events are held at prime locations, attracting up to 20-30 thousand tourists and visitors weekly.


Having successfully launched and completed 4 Kickstarter Campaigns, raising more than $200,000 since 2015, the team has the experience on how Kickstarter functions. They have collaborated with numerous other Kickstarter-enabled brands and also have served as a Kickstarter advocate in Singapore, where they are based.


Phase 1: Singapore & Korea

  • Concept Retail Stores
  • Events & Exhibitions

Phase 2: Expansion into Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong

Replicating SOOZIP’s business model with Retail stores and Events at prime locations, we will launch the first Funded-With-Kickstarter Products Event on the 15th of August in Orchard Central, Singapore.
The Flagship Retail Store in Singapore will open its doors on the 3rd of September 2016, at the same location, Orchard Central.


Orchard Central mall situated in the heart of Orchard Road, the main shopping district in Singapore and draws in thousands of tourists and locals everyday. Uniqlo’s Flagship store is set to open in the next few months, which will draw even more traffic.

Since Singapore is an English Speaking country, creators will not have issues with language. Korea isn’t an English Speaking country and therefore each and every brand on board will be localised (language conversions) to make sure they sell. Product training will be given to staff as well.

The main highlight event will take place in early December and will be around a 10-day stretch in Singapore and to Korea right after. We encourage creators to fly down to take part. Lodging will be provided in both Singapore and Korea. 

We’re aiming to build a community of friends, not just business partners.

*point to note: The largest number of asian backers on Kickstarter come from Singapore. 
Brands On Board

Brands-on-BoardCurrent list as of 20/07/16

The list is growing everyday, should you be keen to learn more, we’d love to get in touch.

Email us at

Updates on progress will be posted on this blog, so stay tuned.